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Boucherville Islands National Park comprises seven islands just off the island of Montreal. The only island out of the seven connected to mainland by a bridge is Charron island. The others – Sainte-Marguerite island, Saint-Jean island,  Raisins island , Pinards island, Île de la Commune ad Grosbois island – are only reachable by boat and are a protected environment.

The islands are mainly composed of uncultivated fields but they also host willows, poplars, dogwood and sumac. The park has multiple trails, pic-nick areas, bike and canoe rentals. However, the area is so vast that the best way to see the most out of it is by bike.

Sainte-Marguerite Island

To get to Sainte-Marguerite island we took a ferry from the Bellerive Promenade Park at Longue Pointe.

During the summer, just during the weekend, from the Poulier there is an hourly ferry sailing to Charron island. From there, you can walk to Sainte-Marguerite island through a bridge. The ticket for the ferry is 4.25 CA$ and it takes only 15 minutes to get from the island of Montreal to Charron island. The crossing is very pleasant and you can see the commercial port, not too far from there.

Charron island

There is only a trail on Charron island, and it leads to Sainte-Marguerite island. Difficult to get mistaken… but, just in case, it’s also signposted. The trail is very pleasant and peaceful, going up and down some shallow hills, and it takes only 10-15 minutes walk.

Sainte-Marguerite Island

On Sainte-Marguerite island you can choose to follow different trails. The island is 7km long and offers a relaxing environment away from trafficked roads.

All the trails eventually lead to the the Service Centre, where you can buy some drinks or snacks and sit at a table outdoors to enjoy the breeze from the river. Here they also rent bikes and canoes to reach the other islands of the park. We stopped here to get a couple of Slushies before continuing our walk to the end of the island.

The channels in between the islands are typically very busy: as there is no other way to reach them, you will see here that the waterways are full of motor boats with people chilling, canoes, and sea-doos.

If you’re up for a relaxing hike, we highly recommend a trip to Sainte-Marguerite island.

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