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Not far from Montreal there are several farms offering activities for families. One of these is Ferme BM Forget in Laval. Besides offering the opportunity to pick up fruit and vegetable in season directly from the field, they also have a corn maze that you can roam for prizes.

We decided to go there to spend a day to destress: the entrance fee is 7.50$ per person, and it includes the access to the maze and fruit and vegetable pickup from the field. In times of Covid-19, you need to book online before actually getting there, but if you go during a business day, you have good chances to have the place entirely for yourself and keep your face mask off.

At the kiosk

The kiosk of the Ferme BM Forget is the first stop: there is a parking lot just off the main road. We went to kiosk to validate our entrance: they gave us two bracelets and a card with a bingo-style grid. If you can find 5 images in a row while you are in the maze, you participate to a prize lottery. It’s a very nice way of enticing you to find your way out the maze and entertaining you while you’re in the field. As it’s pumpkin season, just outside of the kiosk we saw some crates with small colourful pumpkins in them. They are so cute for decorations (and so good to cook!) that it’s hard to resist the temptation of picking up some immediately!

Off to the maze

Luckily, it was a wonderful day: cold and a bit windy, but wonderfully sunny. As the day before had rained quite a lot, we brought boots (we highly recommend not to venture yourself in the maze with shoes you don’t want to get dirty or uncomfortable shoes). Once we were set with our gear, we took off to the maze. During the week-end you will have a tractor carrying you to the start of the maze, but in our case we gladly walked there: it’s just a 10-minute walk and we passed by the fields where the produce in season gets picked up. It was a very pleasant view, indeed.

In the maze

There is one entrance to the maze, but two exits. Once in, you can decide if following a short circuit (around 20 minutes) or a long circuit (1h 30 m circuit). We chose the long one. The walk was very pleasant and the treasure hunt was surely motivating. We followed the rule of always keeping our right, and that did the job in getting us to the exit. However, we didn’t find all the signs on our card (maybe getting is more rewarding, after all). The experience was fun, and pleasant. As we were walking in the mud, our boots became heavier and heavier as we walked, and we had to shake off the extra weight every here and there, but that was part of the fun too. When you’re there, you get to be a child again, and there’s no better feeling in the world!

A visit at the farm

Getting back to the farm, we stopped by the animals’ fence. We could see some goats, a pig, a lama, and some other cute animals that were just chilling in the sun.

Before we left, we got back to the kiosk and bought some pumpkins (how would you not do that!) and some other fresh vegetables… white aubergines, zucchini, and preserves. All in all, that was a fun and unusual experience that we recommend. It’s cheap, it’s de-stressing, and it will give you a good workout!

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