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A submarine adventure

An uncommon experience to do, a submarine ride is something exciting and mesmerising, especially at the Caribbean where waters are clear and rich of diverse sea life. The Caribbeans are also known for their pirates’ history, so it’s not uncommon to find shipwrecks just off the coastline. As an alternative way of exploring the sea, we thought that this experience was well worth trying…


Atlantis is a company that reconverts submarines into a tourist attraction. They are located just next Tiami Catamaran Cruises in Bridgetown and they offer an experience that is thrilling, educational, and fun. First, we have boarded a boat that took us off the shallow benches of the coast and to the submarine. Then, the excitement began as we boarded the submarine – one by one – and took your sit in front of a window. The atmosphere inside the submarine is very calming: the blue light reflected on the inside was a wonder in itself.


Inside the submarine, there’s not much space to move, and as the submarine is floating on the surface you can still feel the motion of the ocean – which might make some people sick. This is why the crew tried to onboard us as quickly as possible.


As everybody was on board and seated, the captain started to explain how a submarine works, the changes that our body undergoes with the pressure as you go deeper and deeper, and how our perception changes, too.

The submarine took us to a coral reef, very close to a ship wreck. Looking carefully on the bottom of the sea, we were able to spot sea turtles, coral formations and different types of fishes swimming along.

We spent about one hour underwater before the submarine re-emerged to the surface.

That was a very curious and cool experience, that we certainly recommend doing! Just remember… if you’re claustrophobic, this might be an adventure for you! Once you’re in, there’s no way to get out.

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