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There are places in Montreal that look like scenes from a fairy tale. One of them is Bois-de-l’île-Bizard Nature Park. At this time of year, its lake freezes and, with it, some of the woods that have been inundated by the water. Then a layer of ice covers the earth and the tree roots, trapping dead leaves beneath it. The resulting scenario is wonderful and unreal.

Île Bizard

Historically named Bonaventure Island, the island was renamed Île Bizard in 1723 after Jacques Bizard. The island was used by settlers of New France as a means of shipping lumber to Montreal through the river. More recently, the City of Montreal has purchased significant amounts of land and protects them as natural parks. These include wetlands, beaches, forests and other ecosystems that are open to the public. If you go around the island, you will see beautiful houses and villas, which are small castles surrounded by the woods.

To make the landscape even more beautiful, we saw around the tree trunks frozen sketches that looked like crowns. It is as if the water had been sprayed and then immediately froze in its ripple. Unfortunately the path of the great footbridge was closed: works to rebuild the pedestrian bridge that crosses the lake were ongoing. Entry to the park is free, but if you go by car, parking is 9.00 CA$.

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