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 Snorkelling in Paradise Beach and Sandy Lane Beach

You can’t be in Barbados without taking a Catamaran cruise. It’s one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways of seeing the shoreline, having a good time, and snorkelling in the best spots that the island has to offer.

For our day out to the sea we were recommended Tiami Catamaran Cruises in Bridgetown. We opted for a full day cruise that included snorkelling with sea turtles at Paradise beach and then sail up to Sandy Lane Beach. This is a famous spot as, from the sea, you can admire Rihanna’s house. The popular pop star is indeed from Barbados and her villa goes everything but unnoticed.


The Catamaran was well equipped with drinks, snacks, and food. But, most of all, it was equipped with super nice and fun people. We sailed off the port sitting in the open air, enjoying the breeze and cheerful Caribbean music.

We enjoyed the panorama, and then moved to the front of the catamaran and threw ourselves on the nets: this is a wonderful way of taking a nap while surfing on the bright blue waters. Captain Jeff Sparrow had a lot of fun there. But the best part had yet to come…


Paradise beach is one of the hot spots for snorkelers: sea turtles privilege this area, and – being very respectful of distances and their quiet – you can actually enjoy a swim side by side with some of these incredible creatures. We were so lucky to see many of them from a short distance (a bit more difficult was to take pictures). This place is a real slice of Paradise: we were in wonder all the time. After all… look at the colours!


If that was not enough, our second stop for some fun was just off Rihanna’s villa in Sandy Lane beach. Unfortunately, she didn’t invite in, but did not prevent to have fun in and outside of the water.

At the end of the day, this was one of the best experiences of our short vacation in Barbados. We had fund, discovered new things, and also made some friends… Highly recommended!

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