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About eight miles West of Belfast, in the Belfast hills, are Divis and the Black Mountain. From the Divis and the Black Mountain trust, a series of trails lead to to the top and around the mountains in different looping paths. This morning we decided to walk the Ridge Trail, a 5-mile panoramic trail that overlooks Belfast and its bay.

When we left home, the sun was shining and temperatures were chilling. As we started walking the trail, black clouds started to hover over our heads and left us in the shadow for most of the time – no wonder they call it ‘black mountain’! The path is smooth and not too steep, so it makes it an easy hike through gentle hills. If you’re lucky, you will probably see some horses roaming the hills, which is really exciting. During our walk, some parts of the trail were slippery because the ground was frozen and the wind was cold and relentless. When we got to the top, however, the view over the Belfast bay was spectacular! Watching the coastline from above is an unforgettable gift. You cannot truly;y appreciate the beauty of Belfast until you see it from its mountains.

As we walked downhill, our faces were frost-burnt, but Divis was a very enjoyable walk. Our only advice: wear some scarves and tucks!

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