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Between Algonquin mythology and natural beauties

Dorwin Falls Park is located in Rawdon, a village that was founded by the Irish and Scots in the 1840s. The park lays between the Red River and the Ouareau River. It is a popular picnic site that includes walking trails and a 60-foot waterfall. If the beauty of this place was not enough to make the park interesting, the falls of Rawdon are linked to a very interesting Indian legend.


The legend tells of an Algonquin First Nations wizard, Nipissingue, who fell in love with a girl called Hiawhitha. She was the daughter of the chief of the village, so she had the privilege of choosing her own husband. Hiawhitha did not want to marry the Nippissing wizard because she wanted to become a Christian nun. She chose noble Arondack instead, who was an enemy of Nipissingue. Nipissingue brought the tribe to war to kill his rival in love, and he managed to almost wound him deadly in battle. Hiawhitha went to the cliff to collect some saliva, a medicinal plant to cure Arondack. Nipissingue followed her and, in a fit of anger, he pushed her off the edge of the cliff. It was then that the white robes of Hiawhitha formed the foamy waves of the waterfall, and God Manitu turned the sorcerer into stone. In fact, you can still see the face of the wizard watching the fall when watching the site from afar.

Dorwin Falls

Dorwin Falls are wonderful. The forest is made of tall pine trees that provide shade on all the trails. These are loops circling around the waterfall and flanking the river. There are several observation points from which you can see the falls and the river in all their beauty: in particular, there are two terraces facing the falls that offer a breathtaking view. These are located at the very beginning of the trails, unfolding around the waterfall. Admission is $7 per person, and includes parking and access to picnic tables and toilets. 

Not too far from the first terrace over the waterfall, a steep wooden staircase going downhill leads to the second terrace: from here you can see the waterfall in its entirety.

Once you reach the river, you can follow its course along a trail. It offers small beaches and rocks where you can sit and chill with your feet in the water! There are also natural pools, but it is forbidden to swim in the river because of its strong current. During our walk, we stopped in different places to enjoy the scenery and relax: the water was so refreshing that we would never leave!

The trails in the forest are a regenerating experience. If you want to spend a day immersed in beautiful nature, Dorwin Falls is a perfect place.


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