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A historic site with lake view


Fort Chambly, formerly known as Fort St Louis, is a beautiful lake-side site in the Richelieu Valley. The fort is part of five forts situated along the Richelieu River (along with Fort Richelieu, Fort Sainte-Therese, Forte Sainte Anne and Fort Saint-Jean). Together, the five forts make the Fort Valley, and they are a National Historic Site of Canada.

A place to learn Canadian history

The fort was built at the feet of the Chambly rapids by the French in 1711. It was then lost to the British in the French and Indian war, and then to the American during the American Invasion of Canada.

A pearl of beauty

With such a rich history, fort Chambly is also a beautiful site to visit in any season. In winter you can enjoy the view over the icy Chambly basin and the rapids just next to the fort. If you leave the fort and walk around the lake, you will find multiple panoramic spots with man-sized figurines depicting life in the 1700’s. The buildings overlooking the waterfront maintain the aesthetics of French architecture of that period, which contributes to immersing yourself in the atmosphere of long gone tîmes.

Fort Chambly is the ideal place to be immersed in past history.

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