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Mont Saint-Hilaire is an isolated mountain 414-m high in the region of Montérégie, 30 km south of Montreal. It is immediately East of the Richelieu River.

The area surrounding the mountain is a biosphere reserve, one of the last vestiges of the primitive forests of the St. Lawrence Valley. Most of the mountain is currently owned by McGill University, including Gault Nature Reserve. The University has opened the western half of the mountain to visitors (the entrance fee is 7.00 CA$ for adults) for hiking and cross-country skiing. With 25km of trails, fun is guaranteed.

The Purple Loop
Dieppe Trail and Rocky Trail

The Dieppe Trail climbs up to 371 m altitude; the Rocky continues to climb up to 400 m. The path goes up and up, and when you think you reach the top, it goes up again. When we finally arrived at the top of the mount, we found ourselves surrounded by a forest of icy trees that shone at the rays of the sun. The view was amazing!

The last section of the route back to the chalet passed through the forest on wooden walkways. From here, we enjoyed the view of the frozen stream that flanked the trail. It was magical!

Mont Saint Hilaire remains one of our favourite hiking destinations close to Montreal. It’s definitely worth a visit!

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