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A suburban escape from the city

Mascouche is an off-island suburb of Montreal. It’s just 20 minutes from the East island, so it’s an easy escape for when you feel like going to a place a bit off the beaten paths without driving for hours.

The suburb takes its name from Algonquin maskutchew meaning “bear plain”. Surrounded by the hills of the Mascouche forest, Grand-Coteau Park is a large forested area with bike and hiking trails, playgrounds, and a lake.

The best part is that the park is accessible all year around, from 7 AM to 10 PM: in winter you will find snowshoe trails, hiking trails and cross-country trails. The trails wind up and down the hills, in and out the forest, and they also run along the HydroQuebec power lines. The lake becomes a giant skating rink and in the play area you can build ice sculptures, including man-sized ice castles!

Grand Coteau Park is a four-season playground for adults and children alike: it offers illuminated paths that allow you to enjoy the outdoors even in winter, when daylight is scarce, and in the evening. It’s the perfect escape from city life without even leaving the suburbs!


We have returned to Grand-Coteau Park in June 2019, this time by bike. The park in Summer looks completely different, and is equally enjoyable! See below a video of our bike ride from Terrebonne to Mascouche, passing by Grand-Coteau Park!

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