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An iconic landmark of Montreal

Habitat 67 might not be one of the most known landmarks of Montreal, but it surely is one of the most iconic places shaping its skyline. The complex is formed by 354 identical prefabricated concrete forms, arranged in various combinations. Together, they create 146 apartments of different sizes and configurations, each of them having its own roof and private open terrace.

This spectacular housing complex can be seen from the Quays at the Old port: it’s built on a peninsula that is part of the city of Havre, connected to Saint Helen’s island and Parc Jean Drapeau. However, it is just when seen close by that you really appreciate the liveability of this space and its genius.

Habitat 67 was created by architect Moshe Safdie as a master’s thesis in architecture at McGill University, Habitat 67 was built as a pavilion for Expo 67 and has been one of the wonders of Montreal ever since. From May to October you can book a guided tour of the complex. As we visited in March, that was not an option for us: we came here to kill some time while waiting for the opening time at the Bota Bota Spa, which can be seen just across the Habitat 67 complex.

However, even from the road, Habitat 67 is simply fascinating. You will also have a wonderful view over downtown Montreal.


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