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If you’re looking for a peaceful retreat in the heart of the city, La Fontaine Park is where you want to be. With its shallow lake, long chaises in the shadow of weeping willows, and different trails for bikers and walkers, you will find this park an ideal destination for a relaxing day outdoors with all the comforts of the city centre. The park also features bike rentals, a restaurant, a mini-steam train and an amphitheatre for summer concerts.

La Fontaine Park is located just next to Mount Royal and takes its name after Sir Louis-Hippolyte Ménard aka Lafontaine, first Canadian to become mayor of the United Provinces of Canada.

Biking in the park

Just outside the entrances of the park you will find some Bixi stations. You can rent a bike to tour the park and leave your bike at any of the other ends of the park. This is fun way to enjoy the park!

Chilling under the trees

Another way to enjoy La Fontaine Park is to walk and chill on the long chaises under the trees. Many people come here to read or to just take a nap and enjoy the view.

Recreational activities

If you venture among the trees of the park, you will also find that lots of people come here to play outdoors: there are volleyball courts, tennis courts, and people playing freebie or tightrope walking. They are typically very friendly, and if you’re in for a a bit of fun, they will let you try.

Just go there for a chill and make friends!

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