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This morning, after our chores, we decided to walk at the Cregagh Glen and Lisnabreeny. This is a trail very close to where we live, so we thought i could be a good way to have our bit of fresh air without driving too far.

Well. We found out that the directions about the start of the trail were not so precise. We couldn’t see any signs for the trail, so we probably drove further and we got lost in the hills.

As we reached the top and started drive downhill, we saw a breathtaking view over Belfast and the bay. We stopped for a short break at a farm and creamery, and then switched seats in the car and drove back – that was actually my first drive with the new car!

We might not have found what we were looking for, but it was very pleasant nonetheless.

By the way… if anybody has directions for the Gregah Glen, do let us know… 😉


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