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A day in the nature

Mont Orford is a popular skiing destination South of Montreal. Out of the skiing season, Mont Orford still offers plenty of activities, like hiking, biking and canoeing. Stukely beach, one of the most popular beaches in the park, has plenty of picnic tables and recreational areas. It also offers a splendid view of the enchanting little islands inside the lake (you can reach them with a kayak or a canoe for a totally private experience).


\Not far from the beach there is a network of trails going up the mountain. We took the one leading to the Etang Fer de Lang, an observation point from where you can see rare birds and pond wildlife. During the weekend you can expect it to be packed with people, but it still is a relaxing and enjoyable walk.

Although it’s a beautiful setting, going there for the day from Montreal is not probably worth it. We would recommend it for camping over a few days to really make the trip worth.

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