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Mont Rigaud is an alpine ski center located in the suburbs of Montreal, near the Ontario border. The hill is located just 30 minutes from the island of Montreal, about 25 km to the West. It is the only ski slope in western Quebec. Out of season, it offers outdoors activities and attractions Mount Rigaud Adventure Park, with zip lines, obstacle courses, and cliff climbing. Of course, you can also hike along the ski slopes. Admission is free, but parking for the car is $ 5.

Up the ski slopes

With the slush resulting from melting snow, the ski slopes were closed to skiers and the slope of the mountain had become a broad path for hikers. While going up, if you turn around and look down, the view is impressive.

The Cliffs

At different points along our way up we went in the woods, following the paths up the cliffs. We passed small oases where small animals were looking for undisturbed food: we saw pretty chipmunks and birds, and birds of prey (probably hawks) flying in the sky above us.

Meet the snake

When we arrived at the summit of the mountain, at the terminus of the ski lift, we found ourselves in a large clearing from which the various ski slopes departed. We decided to take one of the ski slopes that came down the other side of the mountain. After a few minutes, we deviated from the main trail to cross a meadow and have a better view of the route. It was here that Jeff spotted a snake in the middle of the high grass. It was harmless, but it’s still an encounter that made his heart race! To be honest, it was hilarious, but still enough to make us turn back and get back to the main path to be safe.

If you’re not a skier, Mont Rigaud can still be a desirable destination for a walk in the nature. The tracks will give you plenty of views and good exercise for a Spring or Fall walk!

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