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Mount Rougemont is one of the Hills of southern Quebec that is thought to be the extension of an ancient eroded volcanic complex. It was probably active about 125 million years ago. It is part of the vast area of Great Meteor hot spot. The Abenaki name of Mount is Wigwomedenek. Its summit, 366 m above sea level, has a belvedere that gives a panoramic view of apple orchards that are grown on several of the lower slopes. Much of the fruit is, in fact, used to make cider.

Michel Jodoin’s apple cider

The path to the top of the hill begins at the Cidrerie Michel Jodoin, which is located at 1130 Rang La Petite Caroline, Rougemont, QC J0L 1M0. From Montreal Island East, via Boucherville, it takes about 50 minutes by car to get there. The views passing through the orchards of apple trees are impressive, with rows of trees perfectly aligned for miles and miles, as far as the eye can see. You pay the entrance to the trail inside the Cidrerie Michel Jodoin: that’s $ 3.00 per person. Parking is free, opposite the cider house.

The way up to Mont Rougemont

The climb to the top of the hill is a continuous up and down in the woods. There are small lakes, streams and wooden stairs. After about an hour of walking, the trail splits and you can choose whether to return by the easier trail or to continue climbing up the path that leads to the belvedere. We chose to continue climbing, and we did not regret it! After some difficult passages (it was necessary to cling to a rope that ran along the rock), we reached the top of the cliff. And there it is, a small terrace overlooking the cider house with a breathtaking view! We stopped to admire the landscape and take pictures, and we met another hiker who gave us information on the Rougemont region.

Our hike took 2 hours and we covered only 5 kilometres. At the end of the trail, take some time at the cider house. Their personnel is happy to explain how the produce their cider and they’ll give you plenty of choice for your drinks!

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