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Mount Saint-Bruno is a plateau on the South Shore (the mainland South of the Island of Montreal). You can see its silhouette at a distance like a dark green cape standing in the middle of that vast flat land that is the Monteregie region. The park of Mount Saint-Bruno includes five lakes, a fruit garden and a network of trails 27 km long.

The close-by Saint-Bruno de Montarville is a classy small town with all the leisures of a vacation place. Many Montrealers have their second houses here, surrounded by an enchanting nature.

The entrance to the park is 8.50 CA$ but you won’t find any cash desks at the points of entry: look for green boxes attached to the trees containing white envelops. Simply put your cash in one of the envelops, keep the receipt stub and and push the envelope into the hole. Rangers patrol all entrances and they will ask you to show them your payment stub. Be aware: you won’t have any change back regardless of how much you put in the envelope.

Mill Lake

For our hike we entered the park from Chemin du Lac Seigneurial. This is a 7 km long trail that also passes by Lac du Moulin (Mill Lake). If you cross the grass fields, you will get to some terraces overlooking the lake. We stopped here for our packed lunch and we found it extremely quiet and relaxing.

The Old Mill

Not far from the lake is an old flour mill dating back to 1761. The stone front is quite plain, but if you walk around the building you will find a corner of rare beauty: a stone wall and a washhouse are hidden in between the trees. A small stream runs through them and flows down into the lake.

Lac Seigneurial

Seigneurial Lake is hidden in the forest. It’s incredible that some people live up there. Along the way you will see incredible houses, from the most luxurious to the extremely extravagant. The walk around the lake is so surprising that you feel like Alice in wonderland.

We highly recommend a walk here: you will find peace and a surprising world hidden in between the trees.


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