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Mont-Saint-Grégoire is located in the Montérégie region, between the south shore of Montreal and the United States border. The city of Mont-Saint-Grégoire is close to the Richelieu River. The mount itself is a place rich in history: at the end of the 19th century, one of its flanks was exploited for the industrial extraction of rocks. In fact, on the south side of the mount, you can still see the old machines that worked in the quarry. In addition to the beautiful nature of the place, Mont-Saint-Grégoir offers two thrilling experiences: a climb that ends at the top of the mountain with a 360-degree panoramic view, and the close-up view of the wild hawks that inhabit the mountain. Indeed, Mont-Saint-Grégoire is home to many naturalistic activities.  The entrance fee to the trails is $ 5 per person, but parking for the car is free. There are six hiking trails (see the map here), all well signposted with coloured spots that match the colour of the trail.

The two main trails start from the chalet. The guide at the cottage recommended us to follow the blue trail (Panorama) and then to return following the green one (Quarry). We followed his recommendation and went up the steepest side. The Panorama climbs very quickly on the side of the mountain. There are many steps of stone and also wooden stairs to proceed, and many observation points that give an exceptional view of the plain underneath.

About three quarters of the climb, there is a suspended terrace on the side of the mountain. The view was fantastic!

On top of the mountain

Finally, we tackled the last part of the climb, the most difficult. However, the views are well worth the effort. At the top, we enjoyed the spectacular 360-degree view over the Montérégie. Up there we also started to see hawks flying high above our heads. It’s an incredible experience.

Getting closer to the hawks

Starting our descent on the opposite side of the mountain (the green trail), we encountered more observation points. The trail passes along a rocky wall, where the hawks have their nests higher up. From the trail, it’s possible to see them flying just above your heads. It’s a fascinating experience.

When we reached the last observation point (on a bridge across a precipice), we could see hawks patrolling their nests.

The last part of the career is the most historic of the tour. Along the way, there are old machines that undermine the rocks of the side of the mountain. It’s amazing to think how this equipment got there!

Finally, the last part of the trail is a light walk in the woods. Overall, the walk is only 3 km long. Back at the chalet, you will find a pic-nick area and a playground for kids.

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