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Breathtaking waterfalls in Quebec City

If you happen to be in Quebec City, don’t miss the incredible experience of visiting Montmorency Falls Park, just opposite Île d’Orleans. The falls are at the mouth of the Montmorency river, which drops over a cliff into the Saint Lawrence. Montmorency falls are not as famous as Niagara falls, and yet they are higher, making them the highest waterfalls in Canada. They are indeed 83 m high – 30 m higher than Niagara Falls.


We visited the park in a one-day trip (it’s a 3-hour drive from Montreal), and it was totally worth it. The park offers a complete loop trail around and above the waterfalls, allowing to see them from all angles. The trail starts out with a  suspended bridge that brings you just above the waterfalls, and the view is thrilling and spectacular. You can see all the way down, including the large basin that feeds the Saint Lawrence. For the most adventurous, there is also a zip line that runs to the other side of the mountain, passing just a few meters away from the waterfalls. We weren’t geared for the adventure, so we passed on that, even if with a bit of envy for those who were flying through the canyon.


Past the suspended bridge, we descended on the flank of the mountain through a series of steep staircases. Here, you get a breathtaking view of the waterfalls. so much so that there are some observation points along the way where you can stop and enjoy the dazzling view. At the very bottom of the stairs, we found ourselves immersed in the mist and admired the rainbows forming all over.


We then walked around the shallow basin at the feet of the waterfalls and decided to go back up from the opposite side via the funicular. It’s really from here that you can get the best views, so we highly recommend you don’t cheap out at this point and enjoy the ride back to the starting point.


Back at the reception, we stopped at the restaurant for lunch: they have an outdoor terrace overlooking the waterfalls. That was the perfect time to chill and take in a last view of this majestic site before heading back to Montreal.

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