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The Botanical Garden of Montreal is one of the most important and most beautiful in the world. Founded by friar Marie-Victorin in 1931, it has grown to host a collection of more than 22,000 vegetable species and cultivars. Today, the Botanical Garden has 10 exposition greenhouses, 3 cultural gardens, a tree house, a 75-acre arboretum and seasonal theme gardens.

The Botanical Garden is close to the Olympic Stadium, at the subway station Pie IX. The entrance is 15 CA$ and it includes the entrance to the close-by insectarium. A visit here will take the entire day and a walk of at least 10 km.

The Greenhouses

From the majestic entrance to the greenhouses, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the size of the complex. If you’re not sure where to head first, ask at reception. We started from the Greenhouses and found them absolutely beautiful. We particularly appreciated the tropical greenhouses: they host some of the trees we use everyday in the kitchen, like cinnamon, coffee, vanilla… it was extremely educational and surprising. The greenhouses are so big that you will also find waterfalls in them!

The exposition gardens

Outside, we walked through the exposition gardens. It was an explosion of colours and scents in a variety of collections – medicinal plants, novelty plants, toxic plants… there’s so much that you won’t know where to look first. Among walled gardens, classic fountains, bridges and statues are also spaces for children and vegetable gardens for educational purposes.

The Monumental Dougherty

At the beginning of the arboretum is the Monumental Dougherty, a livingĀ  piece of art created by American artist Patrick Dougherty. Made of twisted willow branches, this living architecture is flowing and enchanting.

The First-Nation Garden

One of the gardens is dedicated to the First Nations, their traditions and culture linked to Nature.

The Japanese Garden

All the elements of the classic Japanese garden are in this area. The Japanese garden features a shallow lake with carp fishes, bonsai trees and a Japanese house.

When we visited the Botanic Garden, the Chinese pavilion was undergoing renovation. It was re-opened in Autumn and – spoiler alert – it’s totally worth a visit!

The Rose Garden

As in any Botanic garden, there is also a rose garden. This is a silvery corner where roses stand out as botches of intense color.

The Alpine Garden

The Alpine garden is an oasis of peace. With rocks, waterfalls and flowers, it was a beautiful conclusion of our tour.

If you are planning a visit to the Botanic Garden of Montreal at Fall, make sure you don’t miss the night event Gardens of Light. It is absolutely stunning!

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