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Morin Heights is a village in the Laurentians, West of Sauveur. It is located in the Pays-d’en-Haut Regional County Municipality, about an hour’s drive from Montreal. The village is small, stretching along a small valley road in between the mountains. However, the village attracts an incredible number of tourists all year around for its large ski slope (Ski Morin Heights), which is popular during the winter months and is part of a recreational trail (the aerobic corridor), used all year round. A dense network of hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and mountain biking trails surrounds Morin Heights, making it an extremely popular destination for Montrealers. The old train station on Lake Echo Road is the starting point for most recreational activities throughout the year. 

The aerobic corridor

At winter the Morin Heights campground is closed. However, you can walk in to reach the aerobic corridor. This is a fairly wide and gentle path that skirts the river in the woods. Although the trail was still covered with snow and some parts were muddy and slippery, our hike was quite peaceful. The sun high up in the sky and the beauty of the forest are remarkable. We enjoyed a lot seeing the first leaves on the trees, and the colours of nature all around us.

At different points along the path, we left the main trail to join the river’s shores and admire its rapids. There are many wood bridges and observation points, including small tree houses. We covered a total of 6.5 kilometres but the path was so sweet and pleasant that we didn’t even realize it. If you want to see more, it’s a good idea to tour it by bike: we have indeed returned in summer with our fat bikes and it was quite a different experience: during the summer, the aerobic corridor is extremely busy!

Still, Morin Heights has a lot to offer and you will be impressed by the area!

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