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Old Montreal is the historic centre of Montreal. It was built by Samuel de Champlain in 1605 as a trading post at Place Royale. However, local Iroquois managed to defend their lands until the French abandoned their post. The original Montreal site goes back to 1642, at the square formerly known as Ville-Marie.

Today Old Montreal features stone-paved roads, terraces, gift shops and restaurants. Its unique vibe is due to the street art, live music, good food and year-round tourism. The many attractions at the Old Port add to the lure of this part of Montreal.

If you want to fully enjoy Old Montreal, after shopping for souvernirs, stop at one of the restaurants with a roof terrace for a drink or a quick meal. Prices are typically quite expensive (you can pay an average of 70 CA$ for a couple of salads and a drink) but the view over the Old Port is worthwhile.

The Old Port

The Old Port is just a few steps away: in a sunny day, a stroll here will make you feel like a kid in a huge amusement park. Watch out for the labyrinth, the stalls, the zipline and the Clock Tower and The Cirque du Soleil are only some of the main attractions.

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