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If you’re craving nightlife and a vibrant outdoors atmosphere, Place de Arts is the go-to place for your weekend nights. One of the most fascinating places you can see downtown, Place des Arts is always crowded with open air shows, stalls, music and events.

Home to the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, the Metropolitan Orchestra, the Canadian Grand Ballet, and the Opera of Montreal, Place des Arts is the largest cultural and artistic complex in Canada. It’s situated between Sainte Catherine and de Maisonneuve streets, in the area that is known as Quartier des Spectacles. Place des Arts was created as an initiative of former Mayor Jean Drapeau (a known opera lover) with the intent of balancing the business centre of downtown Montreal with an arts centre. All the buildings in the area are connected by an underground mall, which ensures the presence of people in the area all-year-around. However, it’s in Summer that Place des Arts really comes to life.

The colours and the energy of this place are really unique, and you will find that there is always something going on. For example, in summer, Place des Arts becomes one of the most important sites for the Jazz Festival of Montreal.


At Places des Arts even strolling becomes an incredible experience: try to head there on a Friday night to catch the magic of the place!

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