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Next to the BiƓdome and the Botanic Garden of Montreal is the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium. Place of science and discovery, the planetarium of Montreal offers a completely renewed experience on astronomy. The building has a futuristic look, with two silver towers that are difficult to miss from the outside. Inside, it features wide halls and two main spaces: the Milky Way and the Chaos room. These work as 360-degree projection domes for immersive shows.

The entrance ticket at the planetarium offers two different experiences: a poetic one and a scientific one. In addition, you have access to the permanent exposition ‘Exo, life traces in the Universe’.

EXO, the permanent exposition

Even if it’s called a permanent exposition, EXO has very little static components. Multimedia and Interactiveness are at the core of this experience, offering an overview on the history of the Universe and the mystery of Life it hosts. Between galaxies and alien forms of life, your time will go by very quickly while you wait to enter one of the two main rooms.

The two immersive experiences we attended were Shadow Travellers, a scientific show in the Chaos room, and Kyma, power waves, in the Milky Way room.

In the chaos room, giant bean bags will be your comfortable bed to look up at the 360-degree dome while you watch at the impressive images of outer space and a live voice explains the marvels of the Universe.

In the Milky Way room, a VR 360-degree projection screen will simply take your breath away. No matter what you’ll see, this futuristic experience is highly recommended.

Of course, watch out for astronomic events, like lunar or solar eclipses: the Rio Tinto Alcan planetarium offers special programs (like it did for the solar eclipse of August 21st 2017).

We very much recommend a visit here.

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