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If you like street art, Saint-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal is where you want to be. Known as “la Main” (an abbreviation of “Main Street”), Saint-Laurent Boulevard stretches for 11 km North to South, cutting the Island of Montreal in two. Even today, the street is a symbolic division between the anglophone area of Montreal (West of the Island) and the francophone area (East of the Island).

Saint-Laurent Boulevard has a lot to offer: cafés, bistrots, brasseries, and clubs with live music, art sites and alternative shops are all here. Most of all, the boulevard hosts an incredible number of murals, hidden in the corners of its buildings, courtyards or out in the open of sidewalks and facades.

Rue Saint-Denis

Once you are tired of strolling along Saint-Laurent boulevard, you can go back on Saint-Denis. This stylish road will bring you back to central Berri-UQAM subway station, where you will find some more murals and lots of restaurants and cafés.

This is an excellent way of tasting the flare of Montreal city life!

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