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You understand that you’re turning Irish when you care less and less for the weather. This morning, we went out for a walk in spite of the rain and the grey sky… and we didn’t regret it. Destination: Scrabo Tower, at the top of Scrabo Hill.

Killinether Woods

Scrabo Tower is not too far from the town of Newtownards, in County Down – 20 minutes drive South of Belfast. The tower, 125 feet high, is a noted landmark, standing 540 feet about sea level. It overlooks Scrabo Hill and the Killinether Woods. The panoramic view from the top of the hill is one of the most beautiful of Norther Ireland. In a bright day you can see Scotland and the Isle of Man, and in a rainy day like today, the view was even more breathtaking, with the incredible colours of the sky and water, the bright green of the grass and the woods, splashed with yellow from the bushes of flowers in bloom.

Prior to visiting the tower, we walked in the woods, and found the place is enchanting. Even in a rainy day like this, it was simply incredible. The fragrance of flowers added a bit of magic to our walk.

Scrabo Tower

After about 1 hour walk, we headed to the Tower. A paved path leads to the top of the hill. The Tower is closed to the public, but the view from the hill is astonishing. The wind up there can really be miserable, and it’s sort of funny to watch golf players fighting against it at the golf club on one side of the hill.

This is a must place to visit if you are in Northern Ireland. No matter what’s the weather… Totally enchanting!

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