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I’m not sure if you can have a walk in the White House’s gardens, but you can definitively have wonderful strolls at Stormont Estate, the Northern Irish House of Parliament. Stormont Estate is a great white house on top of the rolling hills East of Belfast. It is surrounded by a beautiful park that hosts different trails and offers stunning views on the surroundings.

This morning we left home in a light rain, just for a short walk close to home, and as we arrived there, the sun came out… perfect timing! The beauty of this place with the blooming trees is something to be seen…

Unfortunately, the building is closed to visitors during the week-end, but we’ll keep the visit for a rainy and cold day. All in all, I’m very happy of our visit: the place is not typically listed in the to-do things for Belfast, but I think it deserves a place in the tourist’s guide!

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