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Jean Drapeau Park is located on St-Helen island, just off the island of Montreal in the Saint Lawrence river. The island is easily accessible from the city centre via the Yellow line of the subway. There, you will find 25km of trails running along the river and up the Boullé mountain, the Floralies gardens, the Montreal Casino and the Gilles-Villeneuve racing track. On the island is also the Biosphere Environmental Museum, an unmissable landmark of the city of Montreal.

The Biosphere

The Biosphere is geodesic dome built during the Expo of 1967 to host the United States pavilion. Designed by architect Richard Buckminster Fuller, the building has appeared in many¬† sci-fi TV productions, including “Quintet” and “Battlestar Galactica”. It now hosts the Environmental museum of Montreal.

What’s inside?

Inside the Biosphere is an interactive museum that helps understanding climate change and how human behaviour affects the environment and energy. The entrance is 15 CA$ and includes all activities, labs and conferences. There is also a sensory theatre with artificial rain and snow.

If you love science, that’s a good place to entertain yourself. However, kids will have much more fun than adults.

The Belvedere

As a cherry on top of the cake, you must go up the Belvedere terrace in a sunny day: the view over the city and the river is breathtaking.

Finally, if you have time, we suggest you spend some time to explore the rest of the island. Jean-Drapeau park is one of the amusement places for Montrealers during the weekend. If you’re the party type, check out the events at the park. There’s always something going on!

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