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When the week-end is short (working Saturdays… sigh!) and the weather is wonderful, there’s no way to spend the day at home. Therefore, this morning we went out for a short walk at the close-by Botanic Gardens. We had been in the Queen’s University area a few times, but always skipped the Gardens for a day like this.

The Botanic Gardens of Belfast

The Botanic gardens of Belfast are located on Stranmillis Road, in the Queen’s quarter. They cover 28 acres of land, with the Ulster Museum at their entrance. The Gardens opened in 1828 as private royal garden, being open to the public only on Sundays. They then became open when the Belfast City Council bought them, and have since then became very popular for students and tourists.

The style of the gardens is the same as the Kew Gardens in London, only on a much smaller size. The two main glasshouses are the Palm House, one of the earliest examples of curvilinear cast iron glasshouses in the world, and the Tropical Ravine House, featuring a unique design with two balconies that allow you to admire the plants from high above.

For us, it was a very pleasant walk in the green. We visited the green house with the tropical plants and the rose garden (it’s still a bit early for the roses, but it’s a beautiful environment anyway, well worth a visit).

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