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If you have some kind of bug phobia, the Insectarium of Montreal is the place to overcome your fears. Founded in 1990 by entomologist Georges Brossard, the Insectarium of Montreal is one of the most important museums dedicated to insects in North America. Its collection of 225,000 living species is on display for free if you have a ticket for the Botanic Garden.

Thought as an education space, this peculiar museum also features a insect degustation van where you can order ant burgers, cricket skewers or other bug-based dishes and drinks.

We passed on this one, and we are very happy to be vegan…

Our visit at the Insectarium was pleasant and fascinating. The showcases allowed us to see some insects we would not pay attention to or not notice for their surprising camouflaging abilities. This is an interesting point of view on nature!

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