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Victoria Park lays near the Connswater river, in the Holywood area East of Belfast. The park is most known for its proximity to Samson and Goliath, the two gantry cranes that have become city landmarks for building the Titanic. The two yellow cranes tower over the entire city, but from Victoria Park they are simply spectacular. Another feature of Victoria Park is that it is very close to the City Airport, so you can easily get startled by planes taking off or landing, flying  low over your head.

Victoria Park not only offers an unusual setting, but it’s also a perfect place to stroll and exercise. It offers an inner ring and an outer ring, following the two shores of the river, with outdoors exercise machines and a fitness path.

Today, we first walked the inner ring… and we had fun with the exercise machines while admiring the panorama.

Once we got back to the starting point, we walked the outer ring. One bridge on the opposite side led us to one of the entrances of Bombardier’s yards. Later, while walking on the shore opposite to the city airport, we saw planes landing and taking off from a short distance: first plane spotting experience ever. I must say it’s quite exciting!

At the end of our walk we sat in the sun for a while, enjoying the warmth of the sun. It felt so good!

Victoria Park is definitely an unusual park… well worth seeing!

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