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La pointe du moulin à vent (Windmill Point) is a historical industrial site downtown Montreal, next to the Old Port. Its large silos, towers and conveyors are visible all the way to McGill.

To get there from the Old Port, you need to pass King Edward Quay, go through Parc de la Commune, and pass Alexandra Quay. From here, you will see from afar the odd apartments of Habitat 67, a building block built in the 1960s for Expo 67 on the artificial peninsula of the City of Havre.

Windmill Point

In between Alexandra Quay and la Pointe du Moulin à Vent is a network of bridges leading to Bota Bota. This is floating spa open all year around. If you’re up for a treat, this is one of the experiences to do in Montreal. Just behind it is the small island of Windmill Point. With the silos in disuse, the park on the island has now become a cool camping site in the city. You can rent the chalets for a few dollars a night.

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